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Breaking all the rules…after age 50

Who makes the rules, anyway?  Where fashion is concerned, especially for myself, I wonder what the rules are for the over 50 set.  I think I am like a lot of you that are over 50, maybe a little fluffy (or ~ ahem ~ a lot fluffy) and you want to be fashionable and on trend.  But, while being on trend may sound great we don’t want to look like we raided our 20something daughter’s closet.

I admire the ladies that have reached the age where they just truly don’t care what anyone thinks about their fashion sense!  I recently went on a little trip to Ruidoso, New Mexico with some friends and family.  We went to the horse races and had a blast betting on the ponies and watching people.  I am an avid people watcher and I noticed this woman who had to have been a former Rodeo Queen – she was adorable.  She was at least in her 70s, and believe me, she KNEW her style and she completely ROCKED IT! She sported a straw cowboy hat, bleached blond long hair worn in a fashionable side braid, HIGH WAISTED WRANGLER JEANS, a Texas Western shirt (that mimicked the Texas flag) and tall red Western boots with her jeans tucked in.  People around may have snickered as she made one of at least 15 trips in front of the stands to go place her bet, but I thought she was freakin’ fabulous!  While, I would never dream of wearing what she had on I admired the fact that she didn’t give a rip what any of us thought and she obviously knew her style and she loved it!  That made me love her!

With all that being said – I say “if you love it, wear it, but keep it simple and classy”.  Don’t compare yourself to all the slick ads and photos we see on social media.  Know your style and OWN IT.  We don’t need to look like we shopped all the window displays at Forever 21…but we can give a little nod to trends and feel great about what we are wearing at the same time.  So, I think I will just mix prints and wear denim on denim…as a matter of fact I think I shall wear it today!

In the words of Coco Chanel “I don’t care what you think of me, I don’t think of you at all”  Ladies – be YOU because YOU ARE FABULOUS!

~ til next time, stay stylish



August 01, 2018 — Deanna Cornell

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