Hi ho, Hi ho, it's off to market we go!
Me and my trusty sidekicks (aka my daughters Holly & Jill) are about to head to market and we are excited, just like we always are.   I always "regroup" at the beginning of the year and reflect on what worked and what was a disaster, and where to go from here.  Luckily there weren't any huge disasters this last year.  I did learn that kitchen utensils and gadgets don't work here.  You can find those at any big box store, so I get that.  You also are OVER the jeans with blinged out pockets, I have plenty of those left on the shelf.  Graphic tees are EVERYWHERE so that has slowed down a bit here at the store, but I will still try to find the "can't live without, ultra cute" tees!  Competition is fierce, and I'm ok with that, it forces me to do a better job.  You loved all the new Twisted X and Ariat styles, for which I am thankful for all your business!  You loved the concealed carry vests for men and new styles for women from Simply Noelle, along with the Simply Noelle handbags.  The Boho Baby line was a hit as well!  We really ramped up the bridal selections and we are forever grateful for all the brides that register with us.  My ideas for the store are constantly changing, but one thing that never changes is my overall desire to curate a fabulous collection of unique items that aren't in every single shop you go in.  I am looking to make a few changes to the store and that always makes me a little nervous, and excited at the same time.  When you shop here I want you to have a good, unique experience, an experience you don't have at a big box store.  I don't want you to find the things here that you can find every where else.  While I realize this is an impossible task, I am still going to try and have a blast in the process.  We are doing a MAJOR rearrange starting the end of January.  We think it will better serve you and open up some space for more fantastic finds. I have a few new ideas up my sleeve as we head off to market, so stay tuned!  Take care - Deanna
January 19, 2018 — Deanna Cornell



Bunny said:

Have fun. Can’t wait to see what you get at market.

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