Autumn, It Starts With A Subtle Crispness in the Air

I always say I am a summer time gal, I love all things summer.  I love beaches, cookouts, travel and gardening (flower gardening, that is) and the long days ... until I feel that first little hint of Autumn's crisp air and I crack open the windows at home and let the cool breeze make its way through and it gets me over and over, and I believe I will never, ever tire of it.  I am suddenly a "fall is my favorite gal".  With mid-September's arrival the morning air becomes crisp, the days are a little shorter, the sun is rising and setting in a new place on my horizon and I fall in love every single day with Autumn.  After the long, hot summer has taken its toll on my flower gardens the mums start to bloom, my morning glory flowers stay open a little longer, the cypress vine is loaded, and the roses have put on one or their last shows with a glorious abundance of blooms and I could spend hours in the garden again. 

Then reality slips in and I have a job to get to, so I peel myself away from the garden and the open windows and the breeze and head to work.  But, then there are all the new fall arrivals at the store from delectable fragrances, to lovely pumpkins, to all the black and white checked EVERYTHING that I am currently crazy about.  Let's not even get started on the gorgeous fall clothing and the glorious colors of the season and I am back to my Autumn reverie even at work!

So, today if you ask me what my favorite time of year is now...the very beginning of Autumn and if you ask me during the winter months I will definitely say Summer, and so it goes around and around.

Won't you tell me your favorite time of year, and why?

September 18, 2019 — Deanna Cornell
Tags: fall


Cynthia Glenn

Cynthia Glenn said:

Fall!! I love the crispness of the air, fall clothes and colors and of course everything pumpkin and spice!! It is also the beginning of the holidays…..Halloween, Thanksgiving and my favorite, Christmas!!! Love Fall!!!

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