Cottage Garden Artisan Bath Bombs


Large hand crafted artisan bath bombs in the most amazing scents - 

  • Cloud 9 Delicious Apple and lemon blended with jasmine and white rose and undertones of cedar wood.
  • Birthday Suit -Fruity floral blend.  It combines green apple, honeydew, strawberry and a little Vanilla.   
  • Lavender Love - A touch of vanilla bean and a splash of orange zest to make it shine. 
  • Salty Bath Bomb: Not like the "salty" person you may know but like the ocean.  This bath bomb is a favorite here at Cottage Garden.  It is perfect and it might just make that "salty" person smile. 
  • Tropical Coconut - Coconut and Mango.  We call it summer in the tub. 
  • Love Bomb - smells fantastic, perfect for Valentine's day!

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