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Corkys Footwear Calypso Wedge Sandal | Cornell's Country Store

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Corkys Footwear

Sometimes we come across a brand that just becomes a favorite, and Corkys Footwear is that brand here at Cornell’s Country Store. 

Corkys Footwear Calypso Wedge Sandal - Cognac | Cornell's Country Store
Corkys Footwear Babalu Camo Sneakers | Cornell's Country Store
Corkys Footwear Black Slidell | Cornells Country Store
Corkys Boots | Cornells Country Store

Cornell's Country Store 

 We have been a Corkys dealer for more than 10 years, and they just get better and better with time.  Bottom line, we love Corkys and they are here to stay!  You just can’t beat the price, the comfort and the style. 

Corkys Footwear Shaw Wedges | cornells Country Store

Corkys Footwear

One thing we really like about Corkys footwear is they are super trend savvy!  Animal print is so popular right now, and I believe it’s going to be around for a good little while.  Corkys uses snakeskin and the oh-so-popular leopard print in creative and beautiful ways.  From leopard print wrapped wedges to leopard print sneakers, they’ve got your on trend styles for every occasion.  Another popular options are their metallic.  Gold has been very popular, followed by pewter, bronze and silver.  

Corkys Footwear Calypso Wedge Sandal - Snakeskin

Ok, how about we dive into the abundance of Corkys Footwear styles?  Some of our favorites are the sandals.  They come in a wide variety of color and are always up on the latest trends.  As we mentioned, comfort is key and the memory foam sandals are not only stylish, but you can go all day and look and feel great.  Flats, platforms, wedges?  It’s all available.  

Corkys Footwear Calypso Wedge Sandal - Snakeskin | Cornells Country Store

Maybe you are a flip flops kind of gal. 

 I am guilty!  If I can wear flip flops, that is what I’ll be wearing.  They’re comfortable and my easy go to.  Corkys has so many styles and they are anything but typical.  We love all of the materials – whether you like a little sparkle, animal print, solids or woven multi-color, you can bet there is a flip flop for you!

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